Presumably, before his infection with the zombie virus, Namor Mckenzie's life mirrored that of his counterpart on Earth-616. After he and the other Invaders were transformed into zombies, however, they became a powerful shock troop for the Nazis. The Invaders confronted the Ducky Dozen shortly after that group arrived on Earth-12591. Namor initially surprised the group by ripping Breeze Barton in half, killing him. He next took on the Dozen's most powerful member, Dynaman, and while Dynaman appeared to have the upper hand, the battle took them out over the sea and Namor threw his adversary into the maw of a giant zombified squid, which promptly devoured the hero. As the remaining Invaders rushed the Ducky Dozen, they were surprised by this world's last resistance to the Nazi regime, the Suffragists. The group's leader, Miss America cut the Sub-Mariner in two using Captain America's shield, killing him.[1]


Seemingly those of Namor McKenzie from Earth-616.

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