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The Nameless One was the leader of an ancient race of demons known as The Undying Ones who ruled the Earth millennia ago. Eventually, their power waned and they were forced to return to their own dimension. In modern times they were temporally able to reach our dimension and attempted to invade Earth, but Dr Strange and Namor managed to stop the invasion, however, Doctor Strange was left trapped in the Nameless One's dimension[1]. Later the

The Nameless One and his demon hordes

Hulk freed Dr. Strange from the Nameless One after defeating The Undying Ones as the Nameless One battled The Night-Crawler.[2].
Nameless One (Undying Ones Leader) (Earth-616) 0001

The Nameless One vs The Defenders

The Night-Crawler, now calling himself Dark-Crawler, took over the Undying Ones after defeating the Nameless One's demon hordes and even The Nameless One himself. After The Dark-Crawler took over, the Nameless One remained in his service, though he plotted to regain his power. He attacked the Defenders from behind the scenes using the demon Necrodamus, who drew his power from The Nameless One.[3] He eventually mated with a mortal woman Barbra Norriss who lured the Defenders into a trap, but Dr. Strange forcibly separated her from The Nameless One after the Defenders defeated him.[4] He was later seen trying to absorb the life force of Dr. Strange and the Valkyrie, but he was defeated during a battle with the Thing and Nighthawk and forced to return to his own realm.[5] A second Nameless One has since appeared, and it was thought for years that he was killed for his failures, however when the Defenders reformed he was shown to be alive and once again appeared to be in control of The Undying Ones. He was once again defeated by his old foes when he attacked Earth. After his most recent failed invasion, his current fate is unknown.



The Nameless One is skilled in magic, claiming to be more powerful than Doctor Strange.

long lived

The Nameless One is very long lived and near immortal.


Can temporally be weakened by crossing into our dimension.


The Nameless One can use his wings for transportation and can travel to other dimensions at certain times.



Van Nyborg (Earth-616)

Jack van Nyborg

Jack van Nyborg

Van Nyborg was the leader of a cult who worshiped the Nameless One and the Undying Ones. His cult kidnapped an unconscious Bruce Banner after he battled the Absorbing Man. [6] Van Nyborg wanted to use Banner's alter-ego of the Hulk to battle the Nameless One's mortal enemy, the Night-Crawler. [2] Van Nyborg later resurfaced in Cobbler's Roost, Vermont, in another attempt to bring the Nameless One to Earth. Celestia Denton promised her daughter, Barbara Norriss' soul to the Nameless One in exchange for her youth and beauty back. The cultists made a headquarters beneath Barbara's old family homestead. The scheme was thwarted by the Thing and Nighthawk and Doctor Strange hypnotized van Nyborg and the other cultists.[5]

It appears that van Nyborg has at least some skill in the mystical arts as he was able to call on such mystical entities as Satannish, Dormammu and Watoomb when sending Banner into the Night-Crawler's dimension. He could also fire mystical bolts from his hands that were powerful enough to stagger even Doctor Strange.[5]

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