"Nails" Bradley was a criminal who was active in the 1940s. By the fall of 1944 he was framed by his own gang and sentenced to life in prison. Vowing to get revenge Nails began plotting his escape from prison. To this end he participated on the prison track team and practiced pole vaulting. During a public competition, Nails managed to escape by pole vaulting over the wall. As he fled into the night Nails was winged with a bullet but still managed to escape.

Nails then paid a visit to the office of Dr. Janford and demanded that the doctor treat his gunshot wound. Bradley's mistake would be doing so while Janford was on the phone with his client the Angel. Overhearing the confrontation over the phone, the Angel contact the authorities and rushed to the scene. The Angel arrived just as Janford finished dressing the wound. Nails then managed to knock out the Angel and murder one of the arriving police officers before fleeing.

Catching up with his old gang Nails then gunned them all down. Fleeing from the Angel, Nails went to the roof of a building and attempted to pole vault to another building. This ended up proving to be Bradley's demise as he vaulted right into electrical wires and was electrocuted to death.


Nails Bradley was an expert pole vaulter.


Nails was armed with a pistol.

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