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NR-Phantom .9d M.A.G. Armor (Earth-1610) from Ultimate Comics X-Men Vol 1 20

Iron Patriot repaint

Created by Tony Stark to be used along his conscious brain tumor Anthony.[1]

It was later given a new paint job to better fit Stark's new identity as Iron Patriot. This was done in order to raise the morality of the American people after the United States almost crashed in a Civil War.[2]

During the Ultimates' attack on Hydra's Death's Head camp, Crimson Commander used the Power Gem to attack Iron Patriot, fatally damaging the armor. Stark later decided to discard the armor in order to create the more advanced Iron Patriot suit.[3]

NR-Phantom was used by Tony once more after he returned to his identity of Iron Man.[4]


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