N-4 002

N-4 Unmasked

N-4 was a Nazi spy who posed as the secretary for the Topper Tank Factory. Her mission was to learn the secrets behind a new tank being constructed for the American military and to prevent its construction through acts of sabotage. When acting with her operatives she would wear a mask and padded jacket that would obscure her feminine features making her appear to be male.

Her attacks on the plant would attract the attention of the Human Torch and his partner Toro who would investigate the string of sabotage at the plant. When Toro would be captured and N-4 and her operatives would attempt to steal the new tank, the Torch would attempt to stop N-4 after capturing her minions. She would knock the Torch out while he was trying to save Toro and leave them to die in a massive TNT explosion. However as she would attempt to flee the scene she would be caught in a bear trap and unable to free herself.

The Torch would revive and use his flame powers to cause a stalagmite to fall on the bombs fuse, stopping the pending explosion. Capturing N-4, the Torch would reveal her true identity.




N-4 wore a mask and padded jacket that would disguise her gender. When necessary, N-4 used a gas mask.


N-4 used a pistol, and had access to bombs, incendiary devices and knock out gas.

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