The N'Garai are a group of Demons created by the Elder God, Chthon. They lived on Earth millions of years ago, having enslaved humanity[6] but eventually left to live in another dimensional plane.

Long time ago when the N'Garai entered Earth realm they came into conflict with Clan Akkaba and Apocalypse single handedly killed an entire tribe of them which was witnessed by a young Margaret Slade.[7]

When the X-Man Cyclops accidentaly destroyed a Cairn in Westchester County, the N'Garai entered our dimension, but were beaten back by Storm who resealed the portal.[8]

Powers and Abilities


The N'Garai's claws are poisonous.[9]


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: Primitive
Cultural Traits: Demonic


Although their first comic book appearance was in X-Men #96, the N'Garai actually first appeared in a Satana prose story by Chris Claremont in Haunt of Horror Vol 2 #4.


The term "Mabdhara" is either stated to be a N'Garai,[1] or to be the Masters, most significant N'Garai.[4]

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