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Allegedly born as Myraddin of Ruta on a fragment of Atlantis called Ruta which did not sink until thousands of years after the Great Cataclysm, Merlin came to Britain to establish his worship activities. Famed as the court wizard of Camelot, his impressive acts include bartering his copy of the Ironbound Book of Skelos for the Starstone to make the Ebony Blade, create magical gemstones (later sought by Dazzler), imprisoning Chthon in Wundagore, and banishing Tyrannus to Subterranea.[1] Merlin animated a suit of armor as the Black Knight before Sir Percy of Scandia became the original human Black Knight. At some point of time, Merlin left with the Black Knight to oppose Morgan le Fey.

Then, a mutant Nordheimr Vanir with a Bloodstone fragment impersonated Merlin. The mutant Vanir summoned a young adept named Modred to serve as his apprentic, but Modred, hearing of the madness of the mutant Vanir, went for the Darkhold for power, only to be overcome by it and placed in suspended animation. Merlin defeated the mutant (with the help of Sersi), placing him in suspended animation, while contacting the Pope to gain help in dealing with the Darkhold. Merlin later imprisoned Morgan Le Fay in her castle. Merlin appears to have been imprisoned in a cave by another enemy, only able to appear by astral projection to the original Black Knight when he died. Merlin's subsequent activities remain unclear, though he briefly surfaced in recent years to teach magic to stage magician Joe Cooke and has also appeared to the hero Iron Man and aided him against Doctor Doom, as well as being responsible for empowering Captain Britain and the modern day Black Knight, Dane Whitman.


Merlin is empowered by the manipulation of the forces of magic, having mastered the mystic arts. Merlin is capable of rudimentary magical abilities such as levitation, thought-casting, hypnotism, astral projection and the projection of powerful mystic energy bolts.

Merlin remains one of the most powerful and renowned sorcerers of all time, having tutored the incredibly powerful Morgan le Fay (who has been shown to have power, even without a physical body, surpassing that of Doctor Strange), and it was said in that nothing on the planet of that time could stop Merlin if ever he were to fall prey to the corruption of the Ebony Blade,[2] during a time of his great age, indicating vast power and skill indeed.

However, it is shown that Merlin (or at least this Camelot version) has clear limits to his power, especially in his old age. For example, the Darkhold’s power is so vast it took the combined strength and will of both Merlin and Brendan to contain it, and even together, they were unable to destroy it or its power, thus indicating even a fraction of the might of an Elder God can dwarf even Merlin's own formidable mystical skills (at least not in his prime). Mordred also seemed to believe that use of the Darkhold would grant him sufficient strength to challenge Merlin himself.

Merlin is capable of entering the sea of time as well, traveling many centuries into the modern day, maintain a physical disguise, and easily return to Camelot, despite physical teleportation through time is said to be the most energy-draining feat of all, more so that space or interdimensional magical travel, and even the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange is said to be mystically debilitated after such a feat. Merlin was also the teacher of Morgan le Fay, considered still to be “one of the greatest sorceresses in Earth’s history,” and whose mastery of magic was so great that she was able to kill the Sentry, turn a God of War into stone, and survive the destrcution of her physical and astral form many times.

Merlin also bears the natural gift of foresight (even as a child), able to see and know much of that which has yet to come, making him a seer, peering far into the fates of all but himself, his greatest curse, yet also perhaps his greatest gift. This, combined with his high-level sensory abilities (Merlin detected the nexus being Kang the Conqueror’s presence in Camelot and the rising power of the Darkhold), makes Merlin aware of much of what transpires and shall transpire in Camelot. It seems these are “definite” futures”: there can be no changing them, and they are not alternate, or possible, in nature: Merlin predicted Guinevere, Lancelot and Modred would bring about the end of Camelot, and even his own magic and efforts were not enough to avert the path preordained.

Merlin has been shown to be able to even tear shooting stars from the sky and hurl them at Morgan, maintaining such a fierce battle for six days, even at the weakening point of his power at his elderly age. Merlin has also proven capable of trapping Morgan le Fay with a permanent enchantment so potent not even her mastery of magic and mystical resources could enable her to undo or even directly bypass, as well as charming the Ebony Blade, granting it the permanent ability to confer upon its wielder a form of immortality, preventing him from being killed while wielding it, and forging a powerful bond between blade and wielder, enabling the wielder to reach the Ebony Blade through ritual across time and space if ever it were to be lost. Merlin’s potential for good stems from the factor of his mortal mother drinking holy water and receiving blessings from her priest, as well as becoming a nun, thus preventing the demon that had seduced her to transfer its impure influence upon her unborn child. Merlin in his spirit form has been able to cast a spell enabling Sir Percy to “live through another” if Modred ever walked the land again as the Knight lay there dying. Merlin, even as a child, was able to quickly reveal the dragons beneath the foundations of Vortigern’s castle. Merlin used his magic to help King Uther Pendragon’s men move Stonehenge to Britain. Merlin can also cast perfect illusion spells of considerable complexity; he once gave Uther the exact guise of Gorlois, as well as changing his own form and disguising himself as others (such as the son of the arch-demon Asmodiar, Beliar). Merlin may even have possibly caused the creation of the Sword in the Stone, and have placed the spell upon it allowing only Arthur to pull it forth and rise to true glory as he realized his ultimate destiny. Merlin’s powers are from obscure sources: he, unlike his disciple Morgan, does not evoke Gaea, as he turned away from the Celtic faith, nor did he appear to summon the power of mystical entities; even the many artifacts he utilized do not appear to be a primary source of his magic. Merlin relies upon his innate mystical talents and resources as well as manipulating the ambient mystical energy of Camelot and the Marvel Universe; he is called a "sorcerer," and thus he must use either extradimensional and/or ambient magic of some kind, just like Doctor Strange, in contrast to the Celtic Earth mystic rituals and inherent talents of Doctor Druid. Merlin can seal others, such as the Myth Monster, within enchanted amulets, as well as enchanting gems with the ability to grant their owner invincibility, called the Merlin Stones, whose powers last still to this day. Merlin can animate inanimate objects (such as suits of armor), simultaneously teleport both mystical and non-mystical objects to the Pool of Blood, cast spells causing various potent power-objects to be forged from the Starstone, summon nimbuses of light to destroy items made from the Starstone which are deemed to be virtually impervious to damage, change one’s hair color white permanently (even if that being hails from the future), send such beings back to their own time, banish others to Subterranea, imprison Elder Gods within mountains, stabilize the tears in reality Iron Man and Doctor Doom’s presence were creating, cast spells to protect Excalibur, show others visions of alternate futures to others even in an astral form, among other great feats.

Merlin has a genius intellect and is extensively self-taught in mystical lore.


As Merlin grew elderly his physical frailty limited his stamina when manipulating great amounts of magical energy, just as in the case of the Sorcerer Supreme the Ancient One centuries later.


Merlin is armed with a scrying and communicating crystal ball, dust to render humans unconscious, the Iron-bound Book of Skelos, the Merlin Stones, the Obsidian Stone (possibly the same as the Merlin Stones, used by Victor von Doom as Sorcerer Supreme on Earth-938 to seal Dormammu and the entire Dark Dimension within) and various other magical objects. He is also seen with a pouch and a sword hanging from his leather belt which may possess mystical qualities, along with a wooden walking staff and a pointed, cone-shaped blue hat.


Teleportation, considerable manual walking


Staff, Magic

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