Quote1 Look, everyone just assumes since I have a giant brain for a head that I know what I'm talking about. Quote2
-- Mygdalla src

Mygdalla was one of the many aliens imprisoned in Impericon who were used as a leverage to make the person they meant the most for fight the Queen of Nevers, and was held captive even after said person had died in battle.[1]

When Dawn Greenwood was teleported to Impericon as the leverage to make the Silver Surfer fight the Queen, she made a plan of escape with which the prisoners broke free. Mygdalla managed to deduce where the fueling stations for escaping vehicled were, and the prisoners headed there.[2]

After Mygdalla and the other prisoners escaped Impericon while the Silver Surfer and Dawn confronted Zed in order to give the Queen of Nevers her heart back, they realized they could honor their loved ones by helping Dawn get the heart to the Queen. The prisoners fought the Gatekeepers and allowed Dawn to get the Queen's heart back to its rightful owner.[3]

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