Quote1 Once again I am losing that which I value above all else... Quote2
-- The Brute

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  • An inter-dimensional Demon

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Synopsis for "Thresholds"Edit

Hank finds out that he is losing his intellect again and decides to do everything in his power to help his teammates while he still can.

Mutant X Vol 1 25 page 16 and 17 Henry McCoy (Earth-1298)

The Brute regains his intellect.

In an attempt to send Havok back to his home reality, the Six suit up and venture into the Negative Zone portal, almost killing themselves and especially Hank before shutting the failed experiment down.

Having come so close to death, Havok orders the team to take some down time and get out of the castle. Everyone leaves except for Hank, who has nowhere to go.

Ironically, the whole team has nowhere else to go either, and all end up at the same bar drinking together and talking about their problems.

Havok meets a nice young girl and her nephew down on the boardwalk and saves the boy from falling off a ledge when he starts goofing around.

When everyone gets back to the castle, Hank tells them he's figured out what went wrong with trying to send Havok back before, and they try again. It's almost a success this time until an inter-dimensional demon breaks through the portal and begins to beat down the rest of the Six. Havok aborts his trip home to come back and help them defeat the monster.

Hank reveals he's losing his intellect, and that he's found a way to finally cure Ice-Man's death touch. This experiment is actually a success, and right after Robert is cured, The Brute is back again.

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