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Mutant X Vol 1 10


Mutant X Vol 1 10

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Quote1 I go off to save the galaxy and my planet falls apart. Quote2
-- Magneto

Appearing in "The X-Men Cometh!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The X-Men Cometh!"Edit

Magneto shows up to the fight, and after a tiny tussle with the Sentinels, where The Mole Man takes a hit for Callisto, The Goblin Queen's forces get intimidated by Magneto's display of raw power and retreat. Once they're gone, Polaris comes out of the shadows to help her hurt or sick father. Apparently she was doing everything he seemed to be doing, but he was so sick she had to cover for him. Havok is weirded out by Polaris being around, because he was hooking up with her in his own universe. And though it seems like he's been in this reality for months, he is still constantly surprised by the differences between the two. Once The Six get back to their New York City base, the Goblin Queen tortures her crew for retreating (even though she retreated herself), and Reed Richards informs her that her new batch of Sentinels which will be able to house Goblin souls, are ready, so she cheers up.

On their way back to the X-Mansion, Havok, Polaris and Magneto see a bright flash or explosion come from New York City, and Havok pressures the other two to go investigate, even though they barely won the last battle. They get down there, and of course, it's a trap. The new Sentinels, along with Nimrod, are unleashed on them, and it seems hopeless until Nightcrawler appears, destroying a sentinel on his own, signaling that the rest of the X-Men team has come to help. (He said they were tired of sitting around the mansion waiting for Magneto to get back). So the rest of the X-Men fight while everyone else retreats, all the while the Goblin Queen is still talking about how she's going to rule the planet.

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