This feline was a mutant cat hiding in a barn twenty miles away from the Xavier Institute on the verge of dying of old age. Cerebra detecter her, and determined she was in a state of imminent death.

Mutant Cat 002

Beast investigated the bar and located the cat. The feline lunged at Beast out of fear and attacked him. Beast instinctively hurled her through a wall in self-defense, wounding her even further. He took her back to the Mansion where he attempted to nurse her back to health to no avail, discovering in the process that the feline's internal organs were way older than her exterior appearance, and wondering what could've caused her primitive behavior. Beast felt a connection with the cat based on the assumption she was simply a human mutant with feline features not unlike him.

Following three weeks with lack of any progress, Hank sought the help of Jean Grey to delve into the mutant cat's mind. To Hank's surprise, Jean discovered his patient was nothing but a mutant cat, to Hank's disappointment. Mildly heart-broken, Hank freed the mutant cat so she could run away and die in peace in the woods. The following day, Beast proceeded to follow her trail in order to bury her body.[1]

Mutant Cat 003

Internal structure


This mutant cat had a physiology combining both human and feline characteristics, similar to Beast's. She possibly shared some of his powers, including:

  • Super-human Agility
  • Super-human Strength


Bipedal walk

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