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Star Comics
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Only the first 17 issues carry the Star Comics label.

In the wake of the success of the Muppet Babies TV show, Marvel Comics' "kid" imprint Star Comics began released the Muppet Babies comic book title on a bi-monthly basis. These were new stories, not adaptations of existing stories from the TV show.

At first, each story was approximately the full length of the comic (approx. 22 pages). Later in the series' run, two 11-page stories were included per issue.

While adults were rarely if ever seen on the TV show (even Nanny was only seen from the striped socks down), adult characters were often featured in the comic, usually as villains.

In one issue, Gonzo was revealed to be an alien, predating the revelation in Muppets from Space.

The first issue of the comic was dated May 1985, and the last issue was dated July 1989. There were 26 issues in total. The majority of the stories were illustrated by Marie Severin, with the back-up stories in the last two issues being drawn by Nate Butler. Writers for the series included Stan Kay, Laura Hitchcock and Bill Prady.

Harvey Comics later issued a Muppet Babies title, consisting of reprints of the Marvel run with new cover art (Harvey's editor in chief Sid Jacobson had presided over the Star line). In addition to two specials in 1992, the Harvey reprints ran from June 1993 until November 1994, totaling six issues in the regular run.

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