Mubahn is the king of the Demon People, natives of a timeless dimension. He rules over the Demon People with an iron fist, those who do not follow his commands are enslaved to do his bidding. Trapped in this dimension due to the one-way portal between this realm and Earth, Mubahn would seek a means to break the barrier and take over the Earth.

This would come when the American soldier Breeze Barton would stumble through the barrier and deduce that magnetism would be the key to breaching the barrier and returning home. Seeking to steal this technology, Mubahn would kidnap the human scientist Zanoba to learn the secret to magnetism.

Breeze Barton would lead an army in attacking the Demon City and would ultimately slay Mubahn in battle. Following the downfall of Mubahn, his slaves would be freed by Barton.[1]


Mubahn used a mind reading device that would use a gas that could probe individual minds. It could be operated remotely, however a subject could avoid it's effects unless they were restrained and forced to inhale the gas.

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