Mu (Pre-Sinking)

Mu circa 8052 BC

The kingdom of Mu was located on an island on the Pacific Ocean somewhere near modern day Hawaii.

At one point, the Muvian Navy attacked the empire of Atlantis but an attack by Lemuria preempted their attack and the city was sunk.[1]

Around 8052 BC it had reached the epoch of civilization, however the High Priests of the time warned of a great cataclysm that would spell the doom of their civilization. Soon the kingdom was sunk by a massive tidal wave that swept the island. The people of Mu however managed to survive by erecting a massive dome around their kingdom and lived at the bottom of the ocean in peace for thousands of years.

By the year 1948, High Priest Karlak convinced the people of Mu that they should conquer the surface world. Attempting to capture specimens to examine, they almost succeeded in capturing the Sub-Mariner and Namora, but they two evaded capture. Convinced that the surface people were no match for their kingdom, Karlak led an invasion of the surface. They attacked Pearl Harbour and gained ground on the element of surprise, however the Sub-Mariner, Namora and the United States military forced them back.

Karlak and his men returned to Mu where Karlak petitioned the queen and the royal council to allow him another attack. When they refused he threatened to kill them with his Electric Gun, but died in a struggle with Namor. In the aftermath the queen promised to Namor that her people would threaten the surface world.

To date, it would appear that the people of Mu have remained true to their promise.


From all accounts, it would appear that the people of Mu lived in a highly intellectual society that was ruled by a queen and her ruling council.


The people of Mu have varied types of technology, ranging from the primitive to the advanced, at least by the standards in which they resurfaced in 1948. They were able to erect a massive dome around their kingdom to protect them from drowning in the ocean, as well as protect them from the oceans crushing pressure. Through some unknown means they had also established a method of maintaining oxygen in their domed world.

The city was accessible through a hatch in the side of the dome. People and objects could be pulled into the domed city through a whirlpool generating device situated at the top of the dome.

In terms of vehicular transports, the people of Mu travelled the oceans in submarines that vaguely resembled Viking warships with glass domes. These vessels did not appear to have any sort of armaments. The people of Mu also developed diving suits that allowed them to survive on the ocean floor.

Weapons available to the people of Mu were the most varied. The primary of these weapons were bows and arrows, but they had developed two types of guns: An ink gun that fired octopus ink from sacks attached to the bottom of the gun, and Karlak had developed an "electric gun" that used electricity in some capacity that was not explicitly depicted.


Karlak, Unnamed queen, royal council, many others


It should be noted that Mu was not sunk during the Great Cataclysm that sank Atlantis, as that event pre-dated the sinking of Mu by some 11 thousand years.

Namor however claims that the island Mu separated from Atlantis.[2]


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