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Ms. Marvel Vol 2 5


Ms. Marvel Vol 2 5

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Quote1 Yeah? So, when he shows up again, can I give you a call and we'll have another team-up? Quote2
-- Ms. Marvel

Appearing in "Time and Time Again"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Time and Time Again"Edit

While Carol is sleeping, she hears her new cat talking to her. The cat is possessed by Doctor Strange, who asks Carol for help. Ms. Marvel flies to the Sanctum Sanctorum, watching as it emanates a large beam of magic energy into the sky. She makes her way inside and find herself in a different reality.

Traveler is waiting for her and says they are in a world where a swarm of insects eradicated mankind. He confirms Doctor Strange's suspicions that his continued use of magic has affected Traveler's mind, but Traveler has worked a way around that: by travelling to other worlds and acquiring more power sources, he can clear his mind and focus. Now, he has both the Eye and Wand of Watoomb under his control. He teleports Ms. Marvel to the time where the swarm is about destroy New York City, but after a short struggle, Ms. Marvel forces him to take them both to their home reality.

Doctor Strange arrives to assist her, but Traveler teleports away, casting a huge chain reaction in his wake. Combining their powers, the two heroes manage to contain the explosion. Threw weeks later, Carol and her cat, now named Chewie, go back to her rebuilt apartment. Carol gets a call from Tony Stark, who asks her to talk to him before speaking to Captain America, but as soon as she enters the apartment, she finds Cap already waiting for her.

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • * Ms. Marvel faces one of her toughest challenges yet in a fight against Warren Traveler, half-crazed time traveling former Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Good think Dr. Strange, the current Sorcerer Supreme, decided to stick around!

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