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Ms. Marvel Vol 1 8


Ms. Marvel Vol 1 8

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Appearing in "The Last Sunset...?"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Last Sunset...?"Edit

Continued from last issue... Reporting the AIM base under a department store to S.H.I.E.L.D. does not turn up any results, and AIM begins to plot against Carol Danvers. Meanwhile Carol goes to a local bar to interview Tracy Burke, a photojournalist. Their interview is interrupted when some crooks come to rob the bar, and Carol singlehandedly defeats them all without changing into Ms. Marvel.

That Saturday, Carol and Michael Bennett go swimming at the beach when Carol is drawn to a research facility. Changing into Ms. Marvel once more, she finds Grotesk there attempting to utilize the Cavorite crystal on a warp generator. The two get into a lengthy battle in which Grotesk overpowers her and attempts to drown her. However, Ms. Marvel manages to get the upper hand and during their fight, Grotesk is thrown into the warp device, seemingly destroying him.

Carol survives and changes back to her civilian guise, with the Cavorite crystal in hand when she is recovered by Michael Barnett.

  • Letters: Saladino (uncredited) page 1.

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