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Ms. Marvel Vol 1 19


Ms. Marvel Vol 1 19

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Appearing in "Mirror, Mirror!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Mirror, Mirror!"Edit

Ms. Marvel Vol 1 19 001
Ronan the Accuser arrives in Texas to eliminate a number of Kree that have fled to Earth to find new lives. He then travels to New York where he locates and attacks Carol Danvers. Changing into Ms. Marvel, she proves to be no match for the Kree soldier. When Captain Marvel arrives and is shocked to find that Carol is wearing a uniform similar to his, it gives Ronan the opportunity to knock both of them out and take them aboard his ship.

There, under the supervision of the Supreme Intelligence, Ronan probes Carol's mind to learn of her past, and the events that led to her becoming Ms. Marvel. After the probe is done, both she and Mar-Vell break free and take down Ronan, then make their escape from the ship. Afterwords, the two reconcile and agree to be friends before parting company.

  • Cohen is credited as Jan Cohen.

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