Mrs. Ilse and her husband James were both spies following the end of World War II. In 1946 they sought to obtain a micro-film that contained the plans to a sun-ray which was secretly being smuggled into Buenos Aires by Madeline Joyce (aka Miss America). Along with them was Louise Remiens who they believed was a Belgium Nazi sympathizer during the war and set him up with a phony American identity of writer Peter Carr. They followed Madeline to La Guardia airport and took the same plane. There they attempted to be friendly to Madeline, especially "Peter" in order to learn where the formula was[1].

Upon arriving in Buenos Aires, the Ilse's maintained a low profile, running their spy network from the basement of the Casa de Lutrio hotel. They eventually discovered that Louise was really Louis Remiens a Belgium resistance fighter, not the Nazi sympathizer they thought he was before and had him captured. They forced a confession out of Louis who admitted that he joined the spies in order to track down the location of Nazi General Kesselwolfe who was responsible for murdering his family. Believing that he was attempting to obtain the sun-ray formula for himself, they had Remiens tied up and found a monographed pencil once owned by Marie Varnheim who possessed the formula and went to obtain it from her[2]. Learning that the formula was hidden in a safety deposit box at a nearby bank James had his wife pose as Mary and steal it. James then went to present it to his buyer, Mr. M who turned out to be Kesselwolfe himself. Although James was gunned down in the middle of the exchange, Mrs. Ilse appeared not to be present in during the exchange. Her subsequent fate is unknown. Miss America later recovered the formula and turned it over to the American government[3].

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