Mrs. Bellhauer was one of the millions of humans with Inhuman lineage who underwent Terrigenesis as a result of the the detonation of the Terrigen Bomb or a subsequent sweep of the Terrigen Cloud through her area. Due to her reclusive nature, Mrs. Bellhauer's cocoon became hidden in her cellar for the three months of her gestation period.

When she emerged from her cocoon, she became a giant green monster and began to wreak havoc across the city. A group of fellow Inhumans led by Medusa subsequently confronted her. Flint contained her, by turning the ground below her into quicksand, and Iso knocked her out by lowering the pressure around Mrs. Bellhauer's head to thin out the oxygen.[1]


Transformation: Mrs. Bellhauser's Terrigenesis resulted in her transforming into a large green monster. She possesses superhuman strength and durability.


Mrs. Bellhauser's transformation caused her to lose control of herself and go on a rampage. She also still needs to breathe, so cutting off her air supply can incapacitate her.

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