Not much is known about Mister Wu, he was a private detective who was briefly active in the late 1940s. His first recorded adventure found him, and his partner Alfie stumbling upon the murder of wealthy stamp collector Jackson Cartright. Mr. Wu investigated the suspects: Cartwright's son-in-law George Willis, Smiley the butler, and Mr. Evan's, Cartwright's lawyer.

Wu and Alfie deduced that Evans was the killer when Wu spotted one of Cartwright's stamps stuck to the lawyers shoe. Subduing Evans, he confessed that he forged Cartright's will to leave him with $50,000 after Cartwright's death[1].

Later while attending an opera with Alfie, they stumbled upon the murder of Gino Marino, the operas tenor. Investigating the murder scene, Dr. Wu and Alfie discovered that the killer was his nephew Peter Barton, who had been forging checks in Gino's name and sought to cover it up by murdering Gino and burning all the evidence[2].

Subsequent adventures of Mr. Wu and Alfie remain unrecorded.


Mr. Wu is a brilliant detective.


Mr. Wu uses his cane as an offensive weapon.

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