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Howe disguised as Price.

Mister Howe was a greedy opportunist who would even stoop to murder in order to make it rich. In the days of vaudeville, he owned a theater with Jimmy Mack. The business was going under due, and one night there was a mysterious fire. Caught in the blaze was a knife thrower who worked in the theater named Price. Horribly burned, Price would blame Mack for purposely setting the blaze in order to collect on the insurance. Evidence found at the fire would support this, however Mack was cleared of all charges, and Price -- having gone insane -- would be sent to a state insane asylum.

Mack and Howe would continue to work together, eventually organizing a carnival. After being hired to throw a carnival with a hotel, Howe would suggest to Jimmy Mack that they take all the money and stiff the hotel that hired them. Mack, a legitimate business man would refuse and attempt to end his business dealings with Howe. Howe, would decide to murder Jimmy, however would begin working on a seemingly fool proof way to avoid being blamed for his former partners death.

Helping Price escape from the asylum, he would chain the man up in a cabin on the mountains of Calm Lake and force Price to teach him to throw knives. Creating a mask to resemble Price, Howe would track down Mack and murder him with a knife in the hopes that Price would be blamed for the killing. This murder would take place during a time when the Human Torch and his partner Toro were vacationing in Calm Lake.

Investigating, the two heroes would learn the truth when they would learn the fact that the killer was left handed (like Howe) whereas the real Price was right handed. Capturing Howe, they would force him to take them to his cabin where they would find Price chained up, and demanding to be set free so he could return to the asylum and continue his treatment. With Howe's murder plot foiled, he would be turned over to the police.


Howe is a professional knife thrower.


Howe has a life-like plastic mask molded to resemble Price.


When posing as Price, Mack used throwing knives as his primary weapon.

Howe was left handed.

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