Mr. Dram was a hitman in the employ of a number of prominent criminals who were in league with a crooked District Attorney. When William Waring's father learned of the corruption and got enough damning evidence, he would give the story to the press before heading to the D.A.'s office, little knowing that the D.A. was also corrupt. When news got out that the senior Waring had this information, the mobsters hired Dram to eliminate him. Waring would be killed and William, previously a meek and timid young man would vow to learn every form of competition including various fighting styles to avenge his father.

After years abroad Waring would return to the United States and develop the costumed identity of the Challenger. Tracking down Dram, he would challenge him to a duel to the death using a weapon of Dram's choice. Dram would choose handguns as his weapon of choice. Even though Dram would attempt to cheat in order to gun the hero down, the Challenger would shoot Dram dead and escape authorities.

While Dram would be forgotten as nothing more than a petty mob assassin, he would be responsible for the creation of one of the many costumed heroes that emerged out of the 1940's.


Dram was a sufficient assassin.


Dram had a love of handguns and owned many.

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