Mr. Carpenter (first name unknown) was the strict owner of WNRV radio, the popular radio station in Citrusville, Florida. He regularly sent Richard Rory off to do news reports for the radio station outside of his regular duties as the late night DJ. When Carpenter sent Rory out to cover the mayor's address to the public following the apparent death of the Man-Thing, Carpenter fired Rory after he tried to stop an angry mob from burning text books for the radio station[1].
Rory gave Carpenter a brief comeuppance a short time later when he later struck it rich. Coming back to Citrusville with Jennifer Walters (secretly the She-Hulk) Rory bought WNRV, and then fired Carpenter. However, Rory's bad luck came back in spades when Rory fried the radio station's equipment while trying to communicate with the Man-Wolf, who at the time was trapped on a micro-world.
With no other alternative, Rory sold the radio station back to Carpenter at a measly $5.00 and found himself kicked off the property to boot. However, Richard left with the only object of value from the radio station: the valuable recording which he made of his communication with the Man-Wolf.



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