The Mousehole is a laser-cutting device that was created by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Leo Fitz. It has been used by Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Agent Coulson's team.

Created by Leo Fitz, the Mousehole never went to production for field agents.

Director Nick Fury used a Mousehole to escape from his destroyed vehicle during an assassination attempt attempt by the Winter Soldier. Maria Hill later used a Mousehole to free Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon from a Hydra assassination squad.[1]

Around that same time, Fitz used a Mousehole to effect the escape of his team from the Bus when Victoria Hand sent a kill-squad aboard the plane, falsely believing that Coulson and his team were Hydra sleeper agents.[2]


The Mouse Hole is a portable cutting device capable of cutting through almost any material.

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