Mortimer was a mutant outcast until Magneto invited him to join his quest for mutant rights. As The Toad, Mortimer became an integral piece of Magneto's Brotherhood and he was right by Magneto's side during all of the greatest mutant victories, including the final battle in Central Park which led to mutant supremacy.

After the triumph of Magneto, the Toad was asked to join the mutant-run S.H.I.E.L.D. He has served admirably under the command of Wolverine in the Red Guard. Recently, Mortimer completed a book detailing the early days of Magneto's triumphant rebellion for mutant rights.[2][1]


Toad's mutant ability is centered on his unbelievable strength in his lower body. He has unusually well-developed muscles in his legs and can use them to leap great heights and deliver devastating blows. He also has a toadlike tongue which can be used to grab or strike his targets.

Strength level

Can lift 1 ton.

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