The Morrigan was once a girl-warrior in Ireland, circa 150 B.C. After the death of her father, she bargained for power from the supernatural and confronted the current Morrigan out of vengeance. The girl-warrior was successful in besting the Morrigan, who lay bleeding out on the ground before the final blow. Before dying, the Morrigan offered her power and position to the girl. The girl seemingly accepted, becoming the next incarnation of the Morrigan for over two thousand years.[2]

It remains unclear whether the Morrigan is merely a title passed from one woman to the next along with the necessary power, or if the Morrigan is a sentient spirit or consciousness that is hosted by these women, like a mystical symbiote.

In modern times, Morrigan appeared with the Celtic trinity of Cernunnos and Taranis to bestow powers on Kyllian Boddicker.[3]

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