Morla and her twin sister Tryla were a member of the royal family of a undisclosed tropical island. Details are hazy, but around 1941 two American criminals arrived on the island and became Morla's advisers, right around the time the Morla took over leadership of the island and imprisoned her sister. The two advisers helped Morla become feared using a story where she slew a tiger and claimed that after drinking the blood she gained the ability to transform into a tiger. In reality, through slight of hand tricks created by her advisers she actually had her bodyguard Amlor dress up as a tiger and kill those who opposed her, earning Morla the fear of her people. Morla then began demanding regular tributes to be paid to her by her subjects, unaware that her advisers were plotting to one day steal her ill gotten wealth back to New York with them.

By 1946, two explorers happened upon the island and upon her advisers wishes, Morla had them locked up in her prison and tortured. The explorers disappearances prompted an investigation by the Sub-Mariner who came to the island looking for them. There he witnessed Morla "transform" into a tiger and kill one of her subjects who was too poor to give her tribute and when he tried to come to the aid of the man was chased off by Morla's army. Namor then found the only surviving explorer who died trying to tell him about Tryla. Soon Namor was captured and Moral gave him an ultimatum: be her king or die and was locked up to make his decision.

Seeing Namor as a threat, the advisers trick Namor into thinking he was being let free and he was captured once again. Morla was then convinced by the advisers to lead a war party to look the neighbouring island. This was a ruse to allow the advisers to steal all Morla's loot and flee back to civilization. However, Namor and Tryla managed to escape and nab the advisers. Namor then had them confess to their entire scheme uniting the people of the island to revolt against Morla when she returned home. Fleeing her attackers, Morla ran back to her palace, but fell off a balcony to her death. With the rebellion victorious, the people placed Morla's twin sister Tryla as their new ruler.[1]


Morla had rigged her throne room so that she could disappear through a secret compartment while her bodyguard wore a life like Tiger costume, creating the illusion that Morla could transform into a tiger.

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