The daughter of General Hager, Mora was raised on her father's rhetoric of an aggressive military policy being in America's best interests. Unfortunately, at some point she developed fanatic viewpoints that warped this ideology, and she began building an insurrectionist movement to place a military regime in power. Buying equipment from an unscrupulous electronics executive, she developed a cover identity as Wargod, an armored terrorist who most assumed was a man. Armed with a powerful hi-tech mace, Wargod and "his" followers engaged in urban terrorism, even going so far as to take Mora's own father hostage to gain an edge over the pursuing Captain America. Realizing the trick to taking out Wargod's club, Cap finally managed to defeat "him" in personal combat and unmasked Mora, although the revelation of his daughter's fanaticism did little to make the general reconsider his political ambitions.[1]


Wielded a special electronic mace; knock-out gas-emitting cigarettes

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