Not much is known about Mor the Mighty, he was a magician who resided in a mansion on Ghoul Mountain in an undisclosed location, presumably within the United States. He had a group of faithful servants, including the apish Zabu who was raised by Mor since he was a child. Mor would have aspirations to take over the world and to this end would use his magic to increase the size of a house cat and unleash it upon a city, while at the same time his minion Zabu would plant explosives to destroy buildings and transportation networks.

This destruction would attract the attention of Professor Philo Zog who would send his robot Electro to stop the carnage. Electro would slay the giant cat and knock out Zabu, however Mor would magically increase the size of two birds and send them to destroy Electro and force Zog's plane to crash. Zog would repair his robot and then send Electro after Mor. Electro would knock out Zabu, strangle the two gigantic birds to death and then force Mor's plane to crash, killing him.


Mor was a magician who's powers seemed limited to the ability to magically make animals grow to giant size and follow his orders. If he had other magical abilities this is unrevealed.


Mor had a personal airplane


Mor had access to massive amounts of TNT.

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