Quote1 I can't help you because I'm not really here. Neither are you. Quote2
-- Crawley

Appearing in "Incarnations: Part 3 of 4"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Marc Spector (As Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, Moon Knight, and Moon Knight One in an illusion)

Supporting Characters:


  • NYPD (Illusion)
    • Bobby (As an NYPD officer in an illusion)
    • Billy (As an NYPD officer in an illusion)
    • Dr. Emmet (As an NYPD detective possessed by Ammut in an illusion)
    • Unnamed officers (Illusion)
  • Midnight Man (Anton Mogart) (Illusion)
  • Space Wolves (Illusion)
    • General Lupinar (Illusion)
    • Unnamed pilots (Illusion)

Other Characters:

  • Matt Murdock (Mentioned) (Illusion)
  • God (Yahweh) (Invoked) (Illusion)
  • Gena Landers (Mentioned) (Deceased in an illusion)
  • Film Crew (In an illusion or vision)
  • Daily Bugle (Mentioned) (Illusion)
  • Khonshu (Mentioned) (Illusion)
  • Darryl (soup kitchen volunteer) (First appearance) (Illusion)
  • Anubis (Mentioned) (Illusion)

Races and Species:




Solicit Synopsis:Edit


• Jake Lockley is under arrest for MURDER?!

• Is it a false accusation, or has Marc Spector lost control of one aspect of MOON KNIGHT?

• His mind is reaching its limit!

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