Montenegro is a criminal boss with connections both in New York City and Europe. He is not above kidnapping children or killing. The Heroes for Hire first drew his attention when Master Khan hired Colleen Wing and Misty Knight to steal the Jade Tiger that Montenegro had recently acquired.[3]

Montenegro and Luke Cage then crossed paths when Cage took a quarter that belonged to Montenegro which contained within it an experimental micro-chip.[1]


Years later Montenegro was recruited by Piranha Jones to join Black Cat's Gang in an attempt to wrest control of Harlem from Tombstone. He was seemly killed in an explosion set off by Tombstone when the various factions wanting to depose him attacked his building.[5]


Montenegro's primary expertise is in mountain climbing and navigation. He can easily climb and scaffold faster than any normal man, and has adapted his skills to the scaling of New York buildings and architecture,[1] even roller coasters.[4]

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