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Monte Carlo is a very wealthy part of the country of Monaco, known for its casino, gambling, glamour, and sightings of famous people. Many people believe Monte Carlo to be the capital of Monaco, but as the city and the country have the same borders, Monaco is its own capital.

Modern Age

Tony Stark came here to see Jeanne, but he couldn't stay for a moonlight swim, having to charge up his iron chest plate back at the hotel[1].

Some time later, Count Nefaria employed Morgan Stark in a plot to destroy Tony Stark, in exchange for forgiveness of his gambling debts. Having failed in destroying Tony's reputation and turning him mad with the Visio-Projector, Morgan was taken back to Count Nefaria's casino to get punishment[2].

As Tony Stark returned to Monte Carlo hoping to forget the death of Janice Cord by gambling, he was confronted by Jasper Sitwell, who had just recovered a mask with Whitney Frost and Stark's fingerprints on it; Stark eventually confirmed that Whitney Frost was alive[3].


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