Monstro was a spy for the Imperial Japanese army during World War II. Obsessed with jigsaw puzzles, he developed a means for the reverse side of puzzles to copy whatever paperwork they were assembled over top of. During the start of 1945, Monstro had his men give away the jigsaw puzzles to workers at the Wickard War Plant. The intent was that the workers would put together the puzzles over top of defense plans, then upon learning that the puzzles were made in Japan, throw them out unaware that they were assisting in the smuggling of sensitive plans.

This plan went awry when one of Monstro's men was giving away puzzles to workers during a time when Private Steve Rogers and James Barnes were put on guard duty for the war factory's daycare center. When they asked the man to give some puzzles to the children he attacked Steve and fled, although James noted the man was Japanese, Steve dismissed the idea.

Furious that his minion had failed, Monstro decided to recover the puzzles on his own, leading to a clash against Captain America and Bucky. Fleeing them, Monstro attempted to gather pieces of discarded puzzles, but was stopped once again by the two heroes who learned what he was up to. Leading the heroes back to his hideout, Monstro had his men overpower Cap and Bucky and they were placed in a cage. Monstro then prepared to set off an electric charge that would electrocute the two heroes and blow up the plant. However, his obsession with puzzles required him to finish one last puzzle and gloat over his captors. Wandering too close to the cage, Cap grabbed Mosntro and managed to break out of his cell.

During the course of the fight, Monstro was knocked into the electrical panel that controlled the explosives, electrocuting Monstro to death.


Monstro had a hook where his right hand used to be.

Monstro is the Portuguese word for Monster. The Japanese word for Monster is Kaibutsu[Japanese-English/English-Japanes Dictionary---Random House(1997)].

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