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The desolate island known as Monster Isle is near Japan. The network of tunnels that run beneath it lead to the Earth’s core. The monsters of Monster Isle were mutate creatures created by Kro, warlord of the subterranean Deviant race.

The Isle was used as a base by the would-be world conqueror known as the Mole Man. The Mole Man established an underground empire and mastered the strange creatures, which included Giganto and the three headed Tricephalous. The Mole Man conducted attacks on the surface world until he was opposed by The Fantastic Four on their first adventure[1]. The Mole Man apparently destroyed Monster Isle in an atomic blast, however it has been revisited on several other occasions since.

At one point, the Thing began to undergo further mutation, becoming, at least in his own mind, more grotesque. Greatly disturbed, Grimm journeyed to Monster Isle. The Mole Man befriended the Thing and welcomed him into the society he had organized in his underground realm, composed of physically ugly people like himself who had believed themselves to be outcasts in the surface world. Grimm agreed to help the Mole Man in his attempt to use an earth shifting machine to raise a small continent in the Pacific Ocean to serve as a homeland for the Mole Man's society. While Grimm lived in the Mole Man's realm, his most recent mutations went into remission, leaving him looking little different than before these recent mutations had begun. The three other original members of the Fantastic Four found the Thing in the Mole Man's realm, where Reed Richards realized that by raising a continent in the Pacific, the Mole Man would trigger earthquakes that would destroy California. The Thing joined Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Human Torch in destroying the Mole Man's earth-shifting machine, and rejoined the Fantastic Four.

For a time, the Mole Man allowed the Infinity Watch to use Monster Isle as a base. In return, they helped him drive away any invaders such as the United Nations.[2]

Magik and Shadowcat came to Monster Island to rescue a new mutant called Bo who's father left her alone on the island after her newly-manifested powers accidentally killed her mother. Some of Monster Isle's residential monsters then attacked the three until Magik teleported herself, Shadowcat, and Bo to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.[3]

Other realities

Earth-9047 (The Humorverse)

In Earth-9047, TV celebrity Professor Alfonzo Video claimed that Monster Island was the supplier of mutogenic Rodan gas.[4]

Points of Interest


Monsters currently living on Monster Island:

Monsters known to have inhabited Monster Island include:

Monsters rumored to have dwelt on the island include:


  • The Mole Man apparently destroyed Monster Isle with a nuclear blast at the end of Fantastic Four #1.
  • Monster Isle is sometimes referred to as being located in the Bermuda Triangle. This has not been explained.


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