Flag of Mongolia

Flag of Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked sovereign state in East Asia. It is bordered by China to the south and Russia to the north.

Mongol Empire

Genghis Khan was Temüjin was born on 1167 in a small Mongol tribe. When he was 13 years old, he succeeded his father as the tribe leader. He led his tribe against two neighbor tribes and obtained the title of The Great Khan, later changing his name to Genghis Khan. In ten years, he unified all the Mongol tribes under his command, and in 1223 he commanded an Empire from Iran to Korea.

During his attempts to conquer China, he sought to obtain the Crown of Confucius that would make him absolute ruler of China. This attempt was thwarted by 1940s time traveler Tommy Tyme who tossed the crown down a supposedly bottomless pit before returning to his own time[1]

In the 12th century, En Sabah Nur fought his way through a horde of Mongols. He finally arrives at a figure who sits on the ground waiting for him. The figure reveals himself to be Garbha-Hsien. He revealed to En Sabah Nur a giant Celestial Ship that he has never entered. En Sabah Nur is intrigued and stabs Saul so that he can get into the ship. Nur then walks into the ship and leaves Garbha-Hsien for dead.[2]

20th Century

In 1940, Mongolia was apparently ruled by a dictator named Ulan Bator who kidnapped Mary Carmody, daughter of the brilliant scientist Professor William Carmody. Carmody was gravely injured and had his brain transplanted into a device to keep it alive, granting him amazing mental powers. As the Eternal Brain, William and his assistant Jim travelled to Mongolia where they rescued Mary and slew Ulan Bator.[3]

Modern Age

The formerly-known-as Troy (Mandarin City) was a territory off-shore of Mongolia acquired by the Mandarin, it is speculated his ability mind-control people helped him to gain the island.[4] He used it as his base of operations.[5] Following the Mandarin's death,[6] the city became a legal limbo, with numerous triads supported by corrupt businessmen controlling the city. After his return to Earth, Tony Stark decided to use the data acquired by the Recorder 451 in order to help the world become a better place. Along with his long-time lost brother Arno Stark, Tony decided to build a city. And Mandarin City would be the perfect starting point. Stark started working along with Resilient in rebuilding the city into what is now known as: The Troy.[4]

During the inauguration of The Core, the city was attacked by two hosts of the rings of the Mandarin, Mandarin One and Mandarin Seven.[7] Two months later, the city had a population of over five hundred thousand people, but was still the target of Mandarin One's constant terrorist attacks.[8] After facing Mandarin One and Mandarin Five, Tony realized the city would be in constant danger if he continued being involved with it, for which he left the charge of custodian of the city to Arno.[9]

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