Mona Welles was a female explorer during the 1940s. She owned a private home on Rock Island. In 1943 she had travelled to Mexico to live among an Aztec tribe. She was accused of stealing their god image, and was forced to drink their potion of disgrace. Returning to her home, Mona died and was resurrected as a vampire. She put her grounds keeper Joe under her thrall and terrorized the area as "The Bat", killing local fishermen and drinking their blood.

By 1946, she decided to sell her property to an artist named Don and his fiancée Ellen, with the intention of putting Don under her control. The two became concerned about the constant deaths in the areas, and Don called on his friend the Sub-Mariner to investigate. That night the Bat attempted to kill Ellen, but is fought off by Namor and Don. Namor then followed after the Bat out to sea but lost the creature. Mona reverted to human form and rode her boat back to the island to collect more of her belongings from her house. Namor notices that Don has entered a trance when Mona is around. After Mona leaves, Namor is confronted by a man who tells him about Mona's experiences in Mexico and the hero researches the curse.

The following night, Namor convinces Don to let him try to use Cadacia Herbs, that would weaken her powers, but they were overheard by Joe. That night, Joe and Mona lure the Sub-Mariner out of Don's house and knock the hero out. They then tied him up in the cave where Mona's coffin is located to die from lack of water while Mona went to eliminate Ellen and complete her control over Don. Namor, however broke free and destroyed Mona's coffin. He then rushed to Don's house and drove Mona away with the herbs, but when Mona found her coffin has been destroyed she is trapped and dies when the sun rises. With his master dead, Joe commits suicide, but Don is freed from her control.


Mona Welles was transformed into a vampire, and presumably has all their trademark powers. However, she only displayed the abilities to hypnotize her victims, and transform into a massive bat, or a partial transformation into a human/bat hybrid.


Like all vampires, sunlight was lethal to Mona. She also had a weakness to Cadacia Herbs, which cause her to react in pain.

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