Mona Lake lived in a state mental asylum for an undisclosed mental illness until she escaped with fellow patient Ramon Valerez. The two would be taken in by Professor Dorn an eccentric scientist who lived in the area who sought to create a race of amphibious men to use in an army to overthrow the United States government. She would follow his orders, thanks to a hypnosis ray. They would be undisturbed until Dorn's suspicious activities would attract the attention of the Sub-Mariner while he was passing through the area.

When the Sub-Mariner would come to Dorn's property to investigate, Dorn would send the beautiful and seductive Lake to lull the Sub-Mariner into entering the house with his guard down. There, Mona would feed him some drugged food so that Dorn could use the Sub-Mariner to test out his new amphibious men. However, when Namor would be defeated and subsequently attempted to be experimented on. When Namor would fight his way to freedom, Mona would be struck by a ray that would reverse the effects of the hypnosis on her and Namor would escape with her before Dorn's home exploded killing everyone inside.

Taken to the police, Mona would confess everything that happened while she was a guest of Professor Dorn. Presumably, she was returned to the mental institute.




Mona suffered from an undisclosed mental illness.

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