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The Mobile Armored Cyber-Harness is a new armor built by Jenkins with the assistance of Techno to replace his old Beetle armor and alias to become MACH-1 after joining the Thunderbolts.[1][2]

After Abe left the Thunderbolts for a while, he returned under the pseudonym Matthew Davis. His cyber-harness was upgraded into the MACH-2 with the help of Ogre (secretly Techno in disguise at the time).[3]

When the Thunderbolts retired for a time, they were called back into action to confront Graviton after their replacement team, the Redeemers, were killed. The V-Battalion had constructed an upgrade to Jenkins' designs for just such an emergency, providing him the MACH-III armor.[4]

Jenkins went to prison for a time to clear up his record. When he got out, he reformed the Thunderbolts under his leadership. Jenkins employed an upgraded MACH-IV armor during this period.[5]

Reclassified as the Mechanized Aerial Combat Harness during the MACH-V trials.[6]


On-board cameras gave it a 360 degree field of view. It was capable of high speeds.

Machine guns were loaded with conventional and rubber 'mercy' rounds. Two heat-seeking missiles were mounted. A gas grenade launcher was used for smokescreens or tear gas. The armor could generate a photon burst for illumination or to temporarily blind enemies. It also had blasters.


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