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Mistress Love is the physical embodiment of love. Her gender and appearance are mutable. Her male aspect was once coveted by the Enchantress.[1]

She and Sire Hate frequently appear in meeting of the cosmic beings of the universe.[2] They once empowered an agent together, creating the powerful Avatar.[3]

Power Grid [4]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter; Stats represent observed stats only


Mistress Love is the embodiment of love in the universe; an abstract entity and the antithesis of Sire Hate. Among her powers is the ability to create feelings of love in any being she wishes as well as appear as male or female if she desires. She is also immortal and is immune to any conventional form of harm or aging. She has been observed to be able to project powerful beams of energy, and has the ability to teleport unknown distances.

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