Mister Zrr is a self-proclaimed mischief maker from Dimension Zee a dimension parallel to Earth whose people were not plagued with crime of any sort. In 1948, a mirror maker named Andrews created a mirror that breached the dimensional gulf and allowed Mr. Zrr to travel from Dimension Zee to Earth. After causing some mischief on Earth, much to the exasperation of Andrew's granddaughter Sally, Zrr brought Andrew with him to Dimension Zee.

Andrew then went off to explore Dimension Zee, while Zrr remained in the major city near the mirror that could bring him to Earth. When two criminals, "Doc" Smith and Cecil Babylon, fled from Jeff Mace and Golden Girl with stolen diamonds they found the portal to Dimension Zee. Unable to bring their guns or stolen loot they fled into the other dimension anyway. There they found that gold and jewels were plentiful in this dimension and were nearly worthless. They met Mr. Zrr and convinced him to go back to Earth and sell a large amount of gold and jewels and bring the money back to them.

Zrr complied and was eventually chased by Captain America and Golden Girl when they noticed that Zrr was wearing Cecil Babylon's jacket. They chased Zrr back through the mirror into Dimension Zee where Zrr was horrified to find that the two criminals turned his home dimension into a crime filled dystopia in his absence. He then assisted Captain America and Golden Girl in capturing them and quelled the lawlessness brought to his home dimension. He then bid farewell to Captain America and Golden Girl as they returned to their home dimension. As they did the mirror toppled over shattering and closing the portal between worlds.[1]

Zrr's subsequent activities are unknown.


Zrr is a professional mischief maker, if he has any super-human abilities remains to be seen.


Zrr travelled between dimensions through a mirror created by Andrews, that somehow bridged the gulf between both worlds. It has since been destroyed. It is unknown if there are other means that Zrr can travel to the Earth dimension.

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