The man known as Mister Million was a wealthy individual that would share his wealth with those who were in need. One day in 1941 he would have his chauffeur drive him through a slum district of New York to try and find someone in need. In his travels he would spot a young newspaper boy named Nickie being bullied by another child who was extorting him for protection money. Coming to Nickie's aid he would scare the bully off. Nickie would not be thankful as he would be upset that the bullies would think him a sissy for needing an adult to come to his aid. Mr. Million would attempt to smooth things over by paying for all the newspapers that were ruined in the scuffle. Nickie would refuse to take the extra money.

Learning that Nickie was living in poverty and was working to feed his little brother and provide medication to his mother, he would continue to watch the child. When Nickie's employer Mr. Wilson would assign him to sell papers on 5th Avenue, Nickie would be excited by being given such a busy corner. The following day, Mr. Million would purchase the last of Nickie's newspaper but run off before the boy could give him change. Despite Million's efforts to shrug off getting change, Nickie would follow Million all the way to his office and interrupt a meeting just to give him back the correct change.

When asking Nickie why he wouldn't accept the extra money, Nickie would tell him that his late father raised him not to accept anything for nothing. Pointing out to the boy that he has to accept some charity in order to better look after his mother and little brother the two make a compromise: instead of accepting Mr. Millions charity, Nickie would take up a job as Million's assistant and earn the money.

Million's subsequent activities are unrevealed.

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