Mister Lightning was a juggler in a traveling carnival. He amazed his audiences with his incredibly fast hands and skillful juggling ability. The pay of a carnival juggler, however, was not very much and Mister Lightning felt that his special talents were worth more money. An old man told him to stop wasting his time in the carnival because he could make a fortune with his quick reflexes as a quick-drawing gunslinger. Mister Lightning initially scoffed at this idea, having never before used a gun. The more he thought about it, however, the more it seemed that the old man had been right, so he bought a pair of Colts and practiced his quick draw in the mirror until he felt that he had it perfected.

Mister Lightning then went out and challenged the fastest draw in town to a gunfight, and won, grazing the man in the arm. After this, Lightning went from town to town challenging gunmen to prove himself as the fastest around. Soon he had made a name for himself and was able to sell his services out as a hired gun, making a large sum of money in the process. He eventually became tired of hearing himself being described as the fastest draw in the west next to the Rawhide Kid, and decided to seek out the Kid and settle the matter once and for all. He found the Kid in Paso Flats, and challenged him to a draw. Mr. Lightning outdrew the Kid and shot him in the arm. Having proven himself to be the faster of the two men, Lightning left the Kid alone and went into town where he was celebrated as a hero for besting the Kid.

All of this fame soon went to Lightning's head, as he now believed that there was no one capable of stopping him. He set out on a large crime spree in the weeks that followed, confident that no one would oppose him. The Rawhide Kid, however, heard that Lightning was terrorizing decent townspeople and sought him out. He found him in Red Gap and challenged him to another draw. Although Mr. Lightning outdrew him again, he was nervous because of the Kid's show of confidence and completely missed the Kid. As he fired his second shot, the Rawhide Kid fired his first and hit Mr. Lightning's bullet in midair. Frightened by the Kid's accuracy, Mr. Lightning surrendered, and promised him that he would never touch a gun again.




Mr. Lightning was an expert juggler, and perhaps the quickest quick-draw with a gun in all the west, proving himself faster than the Rawhide Kid. His aim, however, did not match his reflexes.



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