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The main lackey of the insane Arcade alongside Mr Chambers. She was a devout follower of Arcade and recruited the X-Men to save him when he was kidnapped by Doctor Doom. Once, as a birthday present, she tried to kill him using robots to the likeness of Doctor Doom, giving him a great thrill.

Miss Locke was famous because she "never smiled". However, a glimpse of a smile could be seen when she was drugging the X-Men, when accepting defeat during the birthday surprise, and when hearing one of Murderworld's intended victims Courtney Ross telling a joke to survive.

Arcade seemingly killed Miss Locke and mutilated his own face during a plot to frame Wolverine in a complex "Jack the Ripper"-like series of murders[1]. Arcade himself was eventually defeated. Miss Locke has since been seen alive, so her death was presumably faked.

She was later killed by Arcade after they began being to much intimate and had intercourse[2].


Miss Locke is skilled in using guns. She is also highly seductive, and was even able to persuade the dragon Lockheed to let her escape from him by using her charm.


Miss Locke has used a variety of firearms, some like conventional firearms and some that fire energy beams.

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