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As a teenager, Millie attended Wayde Tennis Academy. There she was the lowest ranking student, until with some help from her coach, Wade, she finds the talent within her to renew her scholarship and earn her first modelling gig for a tennis company.

Golden Age

Millie Collins worked as a model for the Hanover Modeling Agency in New York City,[1] where her boyfriend Clicker Holbrook was a photographer. Her best friend was Toni Turner, and redheaded model Chili Storm her friendly nemesis.

At a promotional event for a new perfume, Millie donned a "Blonde Phantom" costume.

Silver Age

Millie continued to work as a model and also attended the wedding of Reed and Sue Richards.[2]

Modern Age

Millie reappeared in the 1980s as a matronly ex-model, now running a modelling agency of her own. Her clients have included Dazzler,[3] Hellcat, and She-Hulk.


Talented model, actress, and business executive; she has demonstrated reasonable fighting ability on occasion. In her prime, her beauty could drive almost any man to distraction.

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