Mike Zelby was a mobster who learned that Dr. Forbes had discovered gold in Alaska. When Forbes refused to divulge the location of the gold, he would have him shot and left in the harsh Alaskan climate. Clinging to life, Forbes would stumble across the home of Jack Frost who would vow to track down Zelby and avenge Forbes death.

Zelby by this time had returned to New York City, where the local authorities were unable to prove he had murdered Forbes. Zelby would next target Forbe's daughter Alice, kidnapping her and taking her back to his home. There he would threaten her life in order to learn the location of the gold. He would never learn it's location as his interrogation would be interrupted by Jack Frost. During the course of the battle against Frost, a fire would start in Zelby's office. Jack Frost and Alice would escape, leaving Zelby and his minions to burn alive.



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