Mike Fallon is an escaped convict who hears news about how some scientists wanted someone to test the Metallo Armor which was built to withstand radiation. In order to be safe from the police, Mike Fallon tested the armor and found himself safe from the police in it. Mike Fallon then takes the Metallo Armor into committing a crime spree and plans to recruit some prisoners to be his personal army. During his time in the Metallo armor, Mike Fallon started to feel different pains. The scientists say that the only treatment for them is radiation. As getting treated for the pains would result in him being apprehended by the police, Mike Fallon pilots the Metallo Armor into the desert in order to think it over.[1]

The Metallo Armor later appears amongst the monsters that cause havoc on Earth.[2]


Fallon wore the invulnerable Metallo Armor.

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