Quote1 The one made of electricity, he's on edge. Not a lot of experience, I'm guessing. That means he's got something to prove. Quote2
-- Scarlet Spider src

Miguel's father, Carlos, was a member of an extremist group called Legion of Living Lightning. In a misguided attempt by the Legion to gain control of the Hulk, Carlos was killed. Hoping to salvage his father's name, Miguel broke into the Legion's headquarters to learn more about their work. While exploring, Miguel unwittingly turned on one of the Legion's machines and was transformed into a being of living energy.[1]

Initially, a confused Miguel clashed with the West Coast Avengers and was apparently killed during the conflict. Later, he turned up alive and under the control of a villain, Doctor Demonicus. After a brief, unwilling foray into crime, Miguel joined the Avengers. While he occasionally serves with the team, Miguel gave up active membership to concentrate on his studies.[2]

For a time, Miguel manned the Avengers Deep-Space Monitoring Station with his fellow Avenger Quasar, as their respective powers enabled them to travel back and forth to Earth with ease, and Miguel could take advantage of the isolation to study.[3]

Miguel was invited to attend a meeting of the Great Lakes Avengers or GLA, as they wanted to recruit him to join the team. However, Miguel turned them down, explaining that he'd attended thinking GLA referred to the Gay/Lesbian Alliance.[4]

After death of Goliath, Miguel joined the Anti-Registration side, but after the main battle he registered. Miguel recently joined the Rangers; the official super-team of Texas in the Fifty-State Initiative. Since joining the Rangers, Miguel has fought both HYDRA, Skrulls and the Scarlet Spider along with his fellow Rangers.[5]

Miguel later quit the Rangers and went solo. He additionally refashioned himself as simply "Lightning," since he wanted to stop being confused with the supervillain Living Laser. After breaking up a car theft ring, Miguel witnessed a bright flash of light in the sky that heralded the entire planet Earth being moved from its position in the Solar System and placed in an unknown location, causing havoc all over the planet. When several superheroes and villains were frozen in place, Falcon sent out a distress call to all Avengers, including former Avengers like Miguel, to assemble. Miguel responded to the call and joined his fellow Avengers to respond to the crises.[6]


Sentient Electrical Form: In his true form, Living Lightning is just that, a sentient electrical plasma force with no mass. While in this form, he is capable of:

  • Flight: Miguel can fly, and is capable of reaching sub-light speeds.
  • Semi-Invulnerability: While in energy form, Santos cannot be harmed by Physical attacks, or most energy attacks. He can be harmed by magic, psionic or plasma based attacks. He is also able to withstand the the vacuum of space.
  • Electrokinesis: He also possesses the ability to fire and manipulate bursts of electricity and electrical fields of varying intensities.
    • Electricity Projection: Living Lightning is able to bodily generate up to 15,000,000 volts of electrical power.
    • Force Field: When focused, Miguel can create protective force fields of electrical energy.
    • Concussive Electric Plasma Blasts: He can bodily generate, conduct and release staggering plasma blasts from his body.
  • Electronic Manipulation: He is capable of manipulating electronic devices.
  • Body Manipulation: He has the ability to control his body while composed of electrical plasma.
  • Astral Projection: While in his energy form, his mind resides in an Astral form.


Bilingual: Miguel is bilingual in Spanish and English.

Experienced Fighting Ability: He has some knowledge of street-fighting techniques.

Strength level

Normal human strength.


Electrical Form: Miguel must wear a special containment suit to retain a solid form.

  • Extremely powerful electrokinetics like Thor can restrain him using their own electrokinetic powers.


Formerly Avengers Identicard


Formerly Avengers Quinjet

  • Miguel Santos is homosexual.[6]

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