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2008, April, Modern-Age, Mighty Avengers Vol 1, Joe Quesada/Editor-in-Chief, Mark Bagley/Cover Artist, Danny Miki/Cover Artist, Brian Michael Bendis/Writer, Mark Bagley/Penciler, Danny Miki/Inker, Roy Allan Martinez/Inker, Victor Olazaba/Inker, Justin Ponsor/Colourist, Stephane Peru/Colourist, Dave Lanphear/Letterer, Tom Brevoort/Editor, Formerly Symbiote-possessed New Yorker/Quotes, Mighty Avengers (Initiative) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Janet van Dyne (Earth-616)/Appearances, Anthony Stark (Earth-616)/Appearances, Veranke (Earth-616)/Appearances, Carol Danvers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Natalia Romanova (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ares (Earth-616)/Appearances, Simon Williams (Earth-616)/Appearances, Robert Reynolds (Earth-616)/Appearances, New Avengers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Luke Cage (Earth-616)/Appearances, James Howlett (Earth-616)/Appearances, Daniel Rand (Earth-616)/Appearances, Peter Parker (Earth-616)/Appearances, Stephen Strange (Earth-616)/Appearances, Clinton Barton (Earth-616)/Appearances, Maya Lopez (Earth-616)/Appearances, H.E.R.B.I.E./Appearances, Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Victor von Doom (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Dard'van (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Criti Noll (Clone) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Henry Pym (Earth-616)/Mentions, 50-State Initiative (Earth-616)/Mentions, MacDonald Gargan (Earth-616)/Appearances, Thunderbolts (Earth-616)/Mentions, Anne Weying (Earth-616)/Appearances, Toxin (Klyntar) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Edward Brock (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hybrid (Klyntar) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Angelo Fortunato (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ben Reilly (Earth-616)/Appearances, Cletus Kasady (Earth-616)/Appearances, John Jonah Jameson III (Earth-616)/Appearances, Norrin Radd (Earth-616)/Appearances, Patrick Mulligan (Earth-616)/Mentions, Patricia Robertson (Earth-616)/Mentions, Reed Richards (Earth-616)/Mentions, Fantastic Four (Earth-616)/Mentions, Pagon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Steven Rogers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Ultron (Earth-616)/Mentions, Skrulls/Mentions, Maria Hill (Earth-616)/Appearances, Illuminati (Earth-616)/Mentions, Mar-Vell (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wanda Maximoff (Earth-616)/Appearances, Miriam Sharpe (Earth-616)/Appearances, Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Baxter Building/Appearances, SoHo/Appearances, Van Dyne Design Studio/Appearances, England/Mentions, Latveria/Mentions, Iron Man Armor Model 29/Appearances, Black Widow's Gauntlets/Appearances, Cloak of Levitation/Appearances, Eye of Agamotto/Appearances, Venom Symbiote Virus/Appearances, Captain America's Shield/Appearances, Captain America's Uniform/Appearances, S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier/Appearances, Quinjet/Appearances

Mighty Avengers Vol 1 8


Mighty Avengers Vol 1 8

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Quote1 Where the @#$% are my pants? Quote2
-- Formerly Symbiote-possessed New Yorker

Appearing in "Venom Bomb" (Part 2)Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Doctor Doom (Behind the scenes)
    • Latverian scientists (Behind the scenes)
  • Dard'van (Behind the scenes)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Venom Bomb" (Part 2)Edit

At her design studio in Soho, Janet van Dyne looks through matching uniform ideas she had for herself and her ex-husband, Hank Pym. "Hank Pym" shows up and gives her an "Anniversary Present", an improved growth formula that should allow her to easily switch from Wasp to Giant Woman.

The next day, the Mighty Avengers face thousands of Venom Symbiote Virus hosts on the streets of New York City. The symbiotes swarm the Sentry. While Ares prepares to chop them in half, Janet changes from Wasp to Giant Woman. However, the symbiotes bite her and turn her into one of them.

Realizing the symbiote is infecting real people, Iron Man instructs his teammates to try to avoid fighting with these symbiotes, instead making sure they do not hurt each other. The Mighty Avengers learn that all of the New Avengers except Luke Cage have been infected, too. Iron Man collects the original container of the virus and an infected dog and brings them to the Baxter Building to find the cure.

  • Takes place during the events of New Avengers #35 to New Avengers #36. The events on pages 7, 8 and 11 through 19 of this issue are seen again from an alternate (flashback) perspective on pages 3 through 6 and 9 through 10 of New Avengers #36. Pages 13 through 17 of New Avengers #36 then occur prior to the double page spread on pages 21 and 22 of this issue.
  • This is the issue where the Hank Pym Skrull imposter gives Janet van Dyne the "reformulated growth serum" that actually turns her into the Dard'van's weapon of last resort used during the final Central Park battle of the Secret Invasion.[1]
  • This issue is reprinted in other comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

  • No trivia.

See AlsoEdit

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  1. Secret Invasion #7
  2. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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