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Midnight Angels
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three unnamed Dora Milaje
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Commando of Dora Milaje
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First appearance

The Dora Milaje are the personal bodyguards of the Black Panther. They are extensively trained and highly skilled martial artists and with various weapons. The Midnight Angels are a subgroup of the Dora Milaje, a strike-force composed of the best of them.[1]

When Dr. Doom stole all the Wakandan Vibranium, T'Challa gathered the Midnights Angels as a support to Deadpool's mission: kill Doom.[1]

Equipment: Non-vibranium armors and stealth suits, Kimoyo Beads
Transportation: The Dagger, a furtive Quinjet
Weapons: Various non-vibranium weapons

During their mission against Doom, their equipment were free of vibranium to avoid Doom's control.

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