Neurotap worked with Martin Henry Strong to find mutants for his experiments. She hates the fact that she is a mutant and worked with Strong only because he promised he would not only cure her but also help settle the severe financial burdens her parents suffered when they both were put into comas after her powers manifested. During her tenure with Strong Industries, she was romantically involved with Adam X the X-Treme, but later betrayed him for the sake of her parents.[1]

After the initial takedown of Strong Industries, Neurotap continued to work for Strong, but felt she was in over her head and called in X-Force to assist her, allying herself with Rictor and Shatterstar in the process.[2]

After M-Day

Her post-M-Day status is unknown.

After the Civil War, she was listed as a potential recruit for the Initiative.[3]


Sends electric pulses via eye-contact through others, causing severe nervous system damage.

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